Formulated from 20 years experience of Jennyhouse salon in Korea with natural ingredients

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Vegan cosmetic products that are widely used by celebrities and public figures from South Korea

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Premium Hair Color at Salon Korea made with CICA natural ingredients

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Reveal Your True Beauty

The best skin condition for creating a perfect makeup look.

Since our foundation in 2002, Jenny House, with the largest number of top makeup artists in Korea, Jenny House Cosmetics is an all-Green grade natural derma cosmetic brand. All products are formulated with the finest natural ingredients and designed to give innovative dermatologic efficacies. Natural yet dermatologic, the two key concepts, are Maximized for Jenny House Cosmetics. Currently, Jenny House has existed in Indonesia to make it easier for our loyal customers to get our best products.


Self-Up Volume Care

You thought your hair looked impressively beautiful at Jennyhouse Salon. You can bring Jennyhouse Salon home today to make your hair as beautiful as yesterday.

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